Digital Marketing: Before and Now: Impactful tool for All Kind of Businesses

Digital Marketing: Before and Now: Impactful tool for All Kind of Businesses

According to a report, there are almost 30 million SMEs currently operating in the USA. With such a massive market of competition, every entrepreneur needs a competitive edge to brush past their carnivals. This is where digital marketing comes in.
Due to the emergence of COVID-19 and the convenience of online shopping, almost 2.14 billion people are expected to buy everything digitally. So, making a robust marketing strategy would be crucial to your success.
So, here, we will share an outline of the most efficient digital marketing tools to kickstart your online business. Let’s get started!

1. Mailchimp

The fundamentals of email marketing are usually used by almost 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs as their core marketing strategy. So, why don’t you make the most out of it as well? Mailchimp can be wondrous for you in this regard.

This tool has been on the field since 2001 and, therefore, has an ever-trusting aura. In addition, it will offer a free plan to you if you don’t send over 12,000 emails/ month.

So, it’d be a diamond for you if you are just starting your business.
Finally, the product also features a self-service support option, which answers all of your queries within seconds.

2. Sprout Social

In today’s world, social media has become overly popular among the consumer community. Hence, you will need to have an efficient social management skill set to thrive in it. Sprout Social can be your partner-in-crime in this aspect.

With this tool, you can arrange your organizational assets and content calendar in a single place. Thus, it becomes easier for you to schedule and publish everything across several platforms simultaneously.

Additionally, Sprout Social also allows you to collaborate with your consumers and colleagues alike. It has a separate social analytics segment for your own convenience.

3. Trello

With Trello, you can manage your scattered projects in a more organized manner while being connected with your team. For instance, you can share content or a blog post through Trello while your associates review and weigh in their opinions simultaneously.

Additionally, Trello also allows you to set up a dashboard pretty quickly. This way, gathering all of your marketing strategies and analyzing them becomes more convenient.

All in all, if you are looking for a one-stop collaboration tool for your business, Trello would be perfect for you.

4. Google Analytics

Like social media management, business analytics will be a crucial part of your online marketing stratagem. So, using Google Analytics will be a no-brainer for you.

With this tool, you can add a specific analytics code within seconds and begin tracking your visitors’ actions proficiently. This way, you can learn more about the keywords or content that is viable as a web traffic magnet.

Additionally, Google Analytics can also help you peavey prevalent consumer behaviour and create a picture-perfect social media campaign.

It is, in essence, a must-have for collecting business-related data and evaluating them.

5. Ahrefs

Sometimes, only using Google Analytics may not help you in brainstorming crucial keywords. So, we’d suggest you couple it up with the Ahrefs tool.

The site explorer available on the platform enables you to go through various URL’s topmost organic keywords simultaneously. Subsequently, you can also evaluate the amount of traffic these websites make from a particular search term.

So, Ahrefs would be ideal for both making a thorough competitive analysis while assessing if your content is web-traffic-worthy or not.

6. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is an ideal platform for improving your social marketing strategy and ramping up your analytics segment coherently.

The tool usually offers its service through three different segments –

Finds Twitter bios and compare between popular accounts.
Matches and optimizes your strategy to the aspect of follower losses and gains to unearth the best-possible content for a certain consumer segment.
Breaks down the user’s follower list by geographical location, bio, and some other criteria .

The only drawback with Followerwonk is that it is only usable on Twitter. However, as it is the largest social media network, you won’t have any issues with the tool.

7. Crazy Egg

Sometimes, you may find that your website is not providing enough traffic, even after you’ve tried everything. This is where Crazy Egg can assist you.

With this tool, you will get suggestions regarding your website’s critical issues. So, you can change them accordingly to up your game.

Besides, Crazy Egg requires only fundamental knowledge of technologies. So, you won’t have to hire an IT team to use it.


The current market for digital marketing tools is filled up with a sea of options. Thus, before buying or subscribing to anything, you will need to assess their features and suitability for your business. Hopefully, it will all work out for you.

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