How to Select the Best Technology For Your Website & Mobile App Development?

How to Select the Best Technology For Your Website & Mobile App Development?

Contrary to how it may seem, building an application or website from scratch can be pretty arduous. The most perplexing aspect of this job is choosing the apt technology stack. Otherwise, you may not be able to meet crucial specifications for your creation. However, there’s a hitch. Currently, the world of technology is filled with a myriad of choices in this regard. So, which ones can be the safest alternative for you? Let’s find out!

1. Front-end Development

The user interactions usually tend to take place in the front-end section of an application or website. Thus, if you want to make a good first impression, you need to be creative when working on front-end development.

Depending on your requirements, here’s what you may use in this context:

CSS, otherwise known as cascading style sheets, is crucial in determining the aesthetics of your website or app. With it, you can format your web content, imbue different hues, and caricature with fonts and layouts.
Javascript is very popular in website development, with almost 12.4 million users employing it regularly. Most developers tend to use it for creating interactive effects and offering a subtle sense of dynamism.
HTML is pretty straightforward and provides usability while working on the structure of content available on a webpage. You may also personalize the hyperlink effects, fonts, and graphics with it.

2. Back-end Development

Unlike front-end, the back-end development of an app or website can be quite versatile and, therefore, confusing. The tasks in this context usually include –

Finding a suitable operating system
Setting up a secure database storage
Using the correct programming language
Establishing a proper web-server
Employing the best framework for easier and quicker development

Here is what you may use for back-end development:

LAMP stack, a classic option for back-end development, is generally used for building a PHP application-running environment. It includes technologies like Apache (HTTP server), PHP (programming language), MySQL (database), and Linux (the OS environment).
Python is a programming language used primarily for machine learning and data science. It is pretty quick and, thus, can handle more than two requests simultaneously. However, it is more viable for creating an application (such as Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram) rather than a website.
If you want to create a financial or manufacturing-related website, PostgreSQL would be your ideal choice for the database. It has an excellent analytical capability, which enables it to process a massive amount of data pretty quicker than others.

Other Must-Known Points for Selecting the Best Technology

Choosing the best technology stack will depend on specific specs and requirements. So, here are some common tips that might aid you in your venture –
Crucial Considerations
A website or an app would statistically vary from its competitor’s core specifications. So, you will need to make the following considerations while building yours:
The platform where the app is going to be used
The approximate go-to and launch market time
The network stability and connection required for the app to run
The aesthetics or user experience you want to offer
The device where the website or app will run upon

Whether it is a mobile application or a website, providing maximum security will be the key to success. Additionally, its secure environment will also need to be compatible with the platform where it will be used in the future. Even a minor leak of information can be fatal for the reputation of your skillset and your organization.


A web application is made with a combination of several elements, like a programming language, database, server, etc. So, any of them is not compatible with the other; it may cause a hindrance to your whole project. Ideally, you should conduct research upon this matter, even before beginning working on your website.


Almost every website available out there had born to serve different goals. Some people consider it as a manner to increase reach, while others use it for situational purposes. For instance, if you want to build a responsive website (for improving reach), you may have to use minor aesthetics and less personalized fonts. So, to begin with, you will need to determine everything that you want to achieve with your creation.


When developing an application or webpage, following only the latest trend won’t be the right answer for you. Additionally, you would need to be creative and research profoundly on the market to offer your best.

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